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Hi. My Name is Brad Hartliep. And I'm asking for your support, and guidance, in helping me to become not only your next President of the United States, but the best President you've ever experienced. I'm not perfect, by any means - but I'm willing to listen to fresh ideas on how we build a better Nation, and a better World, for everyone. We have a hard road ahead of us, and a lot to overcome, but with your help, and a dedicated Team Of Volunteers to get our message across the Nation and to all the People, and get "Brad Hartliep" as you Presidential Representative on every Ballot Box, we can defeat the Powers in Washington keeping America from advancing into the forefront of 21st Century Global Leadership[p ..

Our Goals

I want to change the way our American President addresses American Society and Interacts with our Global Neighbors. And I want to create a National symbol of inspiration, for all people, that builds upon the foundation of action towards a greater Liberty, and a greater Equality, in a Society of Freedom, Open For All ..

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